Ana Viegas

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90 Anos/Postais

A postcard collection celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday capturing events from each of her years.

Should I Be Afraid Of The Future?

A study of doomsday scenarios exploring what is science fiction or fact regarding the end of the world.
With Bold Futures and Envisioning Technology


An animation for a fictional short film of a near future speculative product.
For Bold Futures

West Grantham Academies

A design identity bringing four schools and their communities together, developed through student workshops.


An audiovisual performance playing with the interaction between sound, light and movement.
With Kirsty Arnold & Filipe Sousa

We Hunt It Today, We Kill It Tomorrow, We Butcher & Eat It Yesterday

A two part illustrated book, following a group of Diomede inhabitants and their journey through borders of time and space.
With Priya Sundram


A week of cross-departmental workshops and talks exploring an alternative path in Design Education.
With Brave New Alps

Hi. I'm Ana.

I've had the fortune of working with the most diverse people in a variety of projects, some of which you've seen above. In each, I design creative systems, independently of the medium, seeing people as part of the work and allowing their ideas to grow with it.

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